Monday, August 21, 2006


So even though I have been slacking from my posting duties. I have still been keeping up with trying to learn all that I can about personal finance and investing. I knocked out reading a couple of books.

The first is Buffett:The Making of an American Capitalist. Since I am new to this game of investing, Warren Buffet to me has seemed to be a great, out of reach investing hero. The book tells the story of his life showing his human qualities, his patience, loyalty, and integrity. It shows his remarkable success and his views and ideals on money. This book is an excellent read, though if you are looking for investment secrets this is not the book, but it does impart his philosophy, buy undervalued stocks and hold on to them til the stock market reflects their value.

The second book that I am about to finish reading is The Millionaire Next Door. This is another truely excellent book which I was turned on to by the author of Free Money Finance (One of my favorite blogs). The book talks about how most of the millionaires in the country are people who could pretty much be your neighbors. They spend less than they make. They invest their money in some way. They don't buy flashy cars or cloths. They live well under there financial status, thus they have very high net worths.

Both books are truely excellent and worth a look at. Once I figure out how to link articles, I will try to link to the Free Money Finance article.