Friday, February 23, 2007

Get Rid of the Clutter

Well slowly, but surely, I have been reading Suze Orman's "The Courage to be Rich". I've come across an interesting part about getting rid of the clutter in your life and getting yourself organized. This not only shows you that you have too much junk in your house, but also the amount of money that you have wasted on things that you don't really need. We have a ton of stuff we can get rid of, especially since we are losing a room to the baby. It doesn't help that my wife is a pack rat and has kept everything she owns since the dawn of time. So now it is time for us to get organized and unfortunately move some stuff into storage. The amount we are paying for storage could be going to better things, like savings or investments, but when you live in a super small house we don't have much choice. So hopefully soon we will have all of the stuff in our house either organized or stored, so we can start saving more money by not buying more junk. Anyway I thought this was pretty interesting from Suze, especially since it applies to me. Will keep you informed on anything else I find interesting in her book.