Monday, June 30, 2008

8 Mistakes At Work

Yahoo has a good article on the 8 biggest mistakes that you could be making at work.

1) Talking about politics - you can offend other office workers and their ideals.
2) Quietly absorbing the price of gas - with gas rates rising, it might be a good idea to ask for a raise to help cover the cost of your daily commute.
3) Writing modest self-appraisals - Don't sell yourself short, make sure your boss knows about all of your accomplishments.
4) Spending to little time listening - Listen to the people around you. A good listener can stand out in the office.
5) Down playing your mistakes - By down playing your mistakes you could be sending the message to your boss that you don't think you mistake was a big deal or that you don't care about it.
6) Not using your vacation time - Your vacation time is there for a reason. To keep you from going crazy. Not using your vacation time is not going to impress anyone.
7) Talking yourself out of dreaming - Don't ever give up your dreams or goals. They give you something to look foward to.
8) Blindly accepting a new position - You may be placing yourself in a dead end job.

Definately check out the article. It has a lot of good ideas. Hit the title to go to the original article.