Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How I Got Started...

I usually hate seminars and try to get out of going to them as a rule, but I was unable to get out of going to a Get Motivated seminar for my work which turned out to be lucky for me. There were a lot of great speakers, but the person who really made an impact on me was Phil Town. The ex-river guide gone investor, was able to spark an interest in investing for me because he makes it understandable to the layman. I was still aprehensive, so I googled Phil Town and he seemed to be on the up and up. I ordered his book off of Amazon, my new favorite shopping place, and decided that I could take control of my financial future. Rule #1 is an excellent book for the amatuer investor. It got me into paper investing and then opening up an online brokerage account. I also decide that I wanted to learn more, so I started to read The Intelligent Investor. Value investing seems the way to go for me and Phil Town's approach seems to be a modification on that style.

I've also been checking out a lot of financial blogs and have found that there is a ton of excellent information out there. I decided to start my own blog to track my progress as an investor, so that I can learn from others, and maybe every once in a while contribute some information that may help someone else.