Thursday, July 06, 2006

Our 5 year plan

Hope everyone had a safe and happy July 4th. The wife and I worked on our five year plan over the past couple of days.

Here are some of the goals we came up with:

1) Get out of Debt! Especially credit card debt
2) Have Children
3) Invest for Retirement
4) Remodel Kitchen
5) Landscape our yard
6) Get in Shape/ Lose weight
7) Learn a craft or hobby that will bring in more income
8) Continue my education, College and Investments

We have already started working on paying off our debt and have worked on a 5 yr budget that will allow us to not only pay off our substantial credit card debt, but will allow us to be finacial free, so that we can get into a bigger house and rent our current cozy little house out for some passive income. The other goal we have already started working on is investing for our retirement. I have gone back to college to work on a business degree and am trying to read everything I can on finances and investing. I will continue to post our progress as we meet our goals.