Saturday, December 09, 2006

Giving to Charity the Right Way

So if you are planning on giving to charity or are just interested in philanthropy the first step to take is to figure out what charities you would be interested in giving to. Then you want to research these charities like investment companies, and find out where the money is going. You want your money going to a company that is going to make a large impact by using most of your money for the charity it supports, not just for itself. Next would be to decide how much to give and how often. You need to plan out a strategy for how much you can afford to give, and how often, monthly, annually. Whatever you feel comfortable with, most charities are going to be happy with whatever help they can get. Make sure whatever charity you choose is accountable for your money. Like any company, nonprofit charities should be accountable for what they spend on expenses and what amount actually goes to helping your cause. has a good article on Four Steps to Smart Giving and has an article on Do The Right Thing, The Right Way. Both of these articles have a lot of good advice on giving to charities. Also check watchdog groups like and to find out the standings of your charities. Remember giving is a good thing, but do your homework first.