Saturday, December 09, 2006

New Car or Keep the Old?

Lately I've been thinking about getting rid of my wife's older car and getting something newer with better gas mileage and well just something new. I have a company vehicle that she drives and I drive her old 98 Mustang GT. The problem is that I drive a lot further to get to work, so I've been thinking about getting something a little better on gas and a little more comfortable. The cons to this idea is that the vehicle is still in great shape, has low mileage, and has not caused us a lot of problems. It needs some minor maintenance work, but it will still come out a lot cheaper than buying a new car. I guess as I write this I have made up my mind to keep on with not having a car payment. Why get into more debt, when I can use the extra money to pay off some of our credit card debt. I guess seeing it in writing showed me what a dumb idea it would be to trade in a running, paid off vehicle. Oh well, goodbye new vehicle.