Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Year's Resolution

Well it's getting close to that time of year again. I figured this year I would start a little early so that I am not rushing for ideas at the last minute. For 2007 there are a lot of things that I want to do or do better, especially now that we will be bringing a daughter into the world. My first resolution for the new year is to make sure to have everything prepared for her arrival. This is my most important resolution so I plan on keeping it. Here is a list of my other resolutions.

2) Get out of debt. I plan to continue plugging away at our debt and hope to knock out as much as possible.

3) Continue to grow my emergency fund. This way if anything ever comes up, I will not have to use the credit cards again (They are evil).

4) Continue investing a little at a time. Like our emergency fund both continue to grow, so we plan on keeping them up.

5) Get back in Shape. I've already been working out for the past couple of months and I plan to continue so that I can keep up with our child. It sucks being out of shape.

6) Continue reading and learning as much as I can about money, personal finance, debt reduction & management, investing, forex, and anything else that catches my attention.

7) Continue blogging. Not only does it keep me interested and focused on where I am going, but every once in a while I get one or two good articles in.

8) Budget better and give more to charity.

So this is my tentative New Year's Resolution. What are some of yours?